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Microsoft Word Add-in

This article introduces how to use the Paperlib Microsoft Word Add-in.


Mac OS and Windows

Open the preference view of Paperlib, go to the Export tab, and click the Install button. It requires The elevation of administrator privileges on Windows.

Then, restart Microsoft Word.

Web Office

Download and save

Click the Add-in button on the toolbar of the web office.

Then, click the Upload My Add-in button to upload the downloaded manifest.xml file.

Open Add-in

Mac OS

Click the chevron button on the right side of the My Add-ins botton, and select the Paperlib Add-in.

After that, click the Paperlib Add-in button in the toolbar.


Click the My Add-ins button, then go to the SHARED FOLDER tab.

After that, click the Paperlib Add-in button in the toolbar.

You can search the papers in your Paperlib library.

Insert a Citation

Click a paper in the search result list, then click the Add Citation button.

Insert the Reference List

Click the Update Bibilography button.


You can change the citation style and the reference list style. To import new CSL styles, go to the Preference - Export view of Paperlib. More CSL styles are available at CSL Style Repository.

The link icon means that the add-in cannot communicate with the Paperlib app, so you need to click it to retry, restart Paperlib, or reload the add-in.

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