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An open-source academic paper management tool.


I'm a computer science PhD student. Conference papers are in major in my research community, which is different from other disciplines. Without DOI, ISBN, metadata of a lot of conference papers are hard to look up (e.g., NIPS, ICLR etc.). When I cite a publication in a draft paper, I need to manually search the publication information of it in Google Scholar or DBLP over and over again.

Why not Zotero, Mendely?

  • A good metadata scraping capability is one of the core functions of a paper management tool. Unfortunately, no software in this world does this well, not even commercial software.

  • A modern UI. No extra useless features.

What we need may be to: import a paper, scrape the metadata of it as accurately as possible, simply organise the library, and export it to BibTex when we are writing our papers.

That is Paperlib.


  • Scrape paper’s metadata with many scrapers. Support writing your metadata scrapers. Tailored for many disciplines (still growing):
    • General

      • arXiv
      • Semantic Scholar
      • Crossref
      • Google Scholar
      • Springer
      • Elseivier Scopus
    • Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

      • IEEE
      • DBLP
      • Paper with Code (scrape available in the code repository)
    • Earth Science

    • Physics

      • NASA Astrophysics Data System
      • SPIE: Inte. Society for Optics and Photonics
    • Chemistry

      • ChemRxiv
    • Biology

      • BioRxiv / MedRxiv
    • ...

  • Fulltext and advanced search.
  • Rating, flag, tag, folder and markdown/plain text note.
  • RSS feed subscription to follow the newest publications on your research topic.
  • Locate and download PDF files from the web.
  • macOS spotlight-like plugin to copy-paste references easily when writing a draft paper. Also supports MS Word.
  • Cloud sync, supports macOS, Linux, and Windows.
  • Beautiful and clean UI.
  • Extensible

Created by Future Scholars. Contact: