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Smart Filter


Smart filter is a feature that allows you to do advanced filtering. For example, you can filter all papers published in 2020, all papers with some tags, or all papers with a specific author, etc.

Create a smart filter

Simply click the + button near the smart filter section in the left sidebar, and you can create a new smart filter.

We provide two ways to create a smart filter:

  1. Create a smart filter via the UI.
  2. Create a smart filter from an advanced search query string.

Create a smart filter via the UI

You can create a new rule by clicking the + button at the bottom of the smart filter creating window. The Match selection box is used to specify the combination matching condition of the rules. For each rule, we have 4 fields:

  • Prefix Ops: They are useful for collection query and for logical not.
  • Fields: all query fields.
  • OPs: operations for the fields.
  • Value: the value for the rule.

Create a smart filter from an advanced search query string

For advanced users, you can create a smart filter from an advanced search query string. The query language is from our database library Realm Query Language. All available query fields are listed in the Fields selection box.

Case sensitive

All string operations, such as CONTAINS, are case insensitive. If you want to ignore case, you can use CONTAINS[c] by editing the query string manually.


Recently added papers

To create a dynamic date string, you can use [x DAYS].

Papers published in CVPR

Papers published by a specific author

Papers with multiple tags

Keywords in papers' title

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