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In this group of APIs, there are many services and their provided methods in the main renderer process.

In your extension, you can call them by:

import { PLAPI } from "paperlib-api/api";

const results = await PLAPI.serviceName.methodName(...)


  • logService: Log service, used to record information, warnings, logs. You can pop up notifications in the lower left corner of the notification center to inform users.
  • cacheService: Cache service, used to cache some data, such as the full text of the paper, thumbnails, etc.
  • categorizerService: Categorizer service, used to manage tags and groups.
  • commandService: Command service, used to register and execute commands.
  • databaseService: Database service, used to initialize the database.
  • feedService: RSS service, used to operate RSS-related content.
  • fileService: File service, used to operate files.
  • hookService: Hook service, used to register and execute hooks.
  • paperService: Paper service, used to operate papers.
  • referenceService: Reference service, used to export references.
  • renderService: Render service, used to render PDF, markdown, etc.
  • scrapeService: Scrape service, used to convert data sources to PaperEntity, search for paper metadata.
  • smartFilterService: Smart filter service, used to operate smart filters.
  • uiStateService: UI state service, used to operate UI state.
  • preferenceService: Preference service, used to operate preferences.
  • uiSlotService: UI slot service, used to operate UI slots.

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